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This month I am going to use the Daily Prompt word and apply it to the Six Word challenge at Six Words. Today the prompt is Toxic. Here is my Six Word Story.

Toxic farragos

    love Hate

      Man woman

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Black dog

 Hungry fangs

  Fate intervened

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30 March 2018

Finally, some star gazing weather. The study tonight is on the star Aldebaran and the constellation Pleiades. Orion and Pleiades are my favorite constellations. And Aldebaran is in my top list of stars. Both were visible tonight, for a short while at least. It’s something to ponder the size of Aldebaran. This red-orange star would dwarf our on Sun stretching in our solar system to the orbit of Mercury. Aldebaran is the eye of the bull in the constellation of Taurus. One has to wonder if it is surrounded by planets, especially with some type of life looking at me tonight. So check her/him out your next chance; peer out some eyes peering at you.

One thing that most interests me about the sky is the mythology associated with it. I received a book as a kid on Greek mythology and that fired open a door to the other world. Pleiades is one of the constellations that does that for me. She is cataloged as Messier45; I often refer to her as the Seven Sisters, a commonly used “nick name.” The Seven refers to seven of the nine brightest stars of the constellation; Maia, Electra, Alcyone, Taygete, Asterope, Celaeno and Merope. The remaining two bright stars carry the names of the sisters’ parents Atlas and Pleione. Atlas was a Titan who bore the weight of the world while Pleione was the Oceanid nymph who bore beautiful daughters.

So onto a summary of the science; she lies 444 light years from earth. Messier 45 is an ocean of stars, over 1000, with notable blue hot and extremely bright stars. She is one of Earth’s nearest star cluster and she bears 100-150 million of age. Pleiades bears host to a number of X-ray sources often associated with neutron stars and/or black holes. I could go on and on but the point of this blog is to stir your interest and offer, hopefully, a trail head to the many various paths of more expanded study.


Les Oceanides Les Naiades de la merGustave Doré, 1860s


mage credit: Marco Lorenzi of Astrosurf.


X-rays sources. Image credit: Thomas Preibisch, Würzburg (Germany), and the ROSAT X-ray satellite.

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 17 March 2018

Introduction: I started this journal on Thursday the 15th. I have to first say that I am notorious for starting but not maintaining journals. Hobbies such as stamp/currency collecting, travel, rocketry, radio, bird watching, weather, electronics, mineral hunting, photography; the list is endless and documentation remains lacking. I’d rather be studying/observing/experimenting rather than documenting. I know that should not or cannot be the way of a scientist/philosopher and storyteller. Meanwhile, I first debated utilizing a journal of unlined paper but decided that lines and a way to insert illustrations, neither of which I am good at, begged for the use of a computer. 


My first journal entry would include my attempt to view zodiacal light. I had no luck in my attempt to see the light. My next exercise was to locate and reference Sirius and Betelgeuse. In referencing a star, galaxy, etc. I look at the history, fate, association with mythology, facts I find to be interesting. My next exercise was to locate and reference the constellation Sextans. It is a dim constellation and forces the imagination to work. The relationship between Sextans and astronomical sextant has always caught my eye. So that was night one.


17 March 2018

So you might notice by the date that I am catching up on my journaling by noting my viewing for March 16-17. Tonight I also worked on my WordPress blog and my 2 Tumblr accounts which are way behind. One Tumblr account consists mainly of my posts while the other is reposts of other accounts. So my viewing tonight was a result of some push notifications I received today regarding the asterism, Winter Hexagon. An asterism is a group of stars/constellations with a loose boundary as opposed to constellations. The Winter Hexagon I am familiar with, but barely. It took some effort to map out the asterism but got it done. I hope to follow this group through the month. I’m also watching my old friend Orion appears lower and lower in the west sky. Soon he will be gone for another season. It’s 4:28am, time to move on.

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First, I have been working on a Star Gazing Journal. I’m not so much behind with it as the weather, nights of clouds and nights of rain, have hid me from the sky. I am going to post my first journal entry on star gazing after this post. Second, I have been trying to catch myself up on WordPress and Twitter journaling challenges. One is under the theme of The Daily Prompt (I found I would do better with a Weekly Prompt). So my first and to this date only Daily Prompt has already been posted here a few days ago. Twitter has a 140 word story theme and there is a separate 6 words challenge. But I need to read up on these challenges and get more familiar with them. So that’s the plan…

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Incubate: Bringing a Contagion of Violence to Fruition

Cities are known to incubate explosive pathologies. The long, hot summers of 1965 and 1967 simmered the cauldrons of Watts and 12th Street Detroit with the increasing heat of racial tension while also applying an oppressive lid of economic and social strife. The incubation of racial tension came to fruition as a result of a forceful inoculation of police interaction, i.e. police brutality into a saturated culture of black community.  The flasks of LA and Detroit exploded in a dust of contagious violence whose agent infected community members regardless of color or culture. This agent, similar to today’s social media, vectored a social infection of hate and violence into the community outside Watts and 42nd Street Detroit. This transmission of social violence infected communities across America activating various latent pathologies around the country. As these latent pathologies became active contagions, that would and have mutated again and again; wide-spread fatal outbreaks raised the epidemic of hatred and violence throughout American communities across the land, regardless of the community-developed vaccines of love, peace, understanding and acceptance.

The appearance of a non-city, rural white contagion, identified as Trumpism,  long incubated, became visible in 2016.  It became the sought after opium of the 21 century, infecting like-minded communities with the symptoms rejection, nullification, chants of violence,  nationalism, single party ideology,  blindness to opposition and a King as God.  A new false vaccine developed, founded in the culture flasks of TV, radio and print, and quickly spread to Twitter, Facebook and Fake News.  Infectious statements, “knock the crap out of him,” “lock her up,” “I’d like to punch him in the face,” “I’d be boom, boom ,boom beat the shit out of him,” “maybe he should have been roughed up because it was absolutely disgusting what he was doing” seized the like-minded and bloomed into self-justified pathogens of hatred and violence.  This syphilis, transmitted in various forms by the virus of Trumpism, is present in various stages;  primary, secondary, latent and tertiary throughout society. The single chancre of Donald Trump has generated a rash that often appears on the heart and soul of the infected. Latent for various periods the disease grows to a tertiary stage of permanent blindness and incurable neurosis of the heart.

Unfortunately the latex of truth does not protect the ill-minded from the infective truth of this syphilis. A vaccine is yet to be developed.  Perhaps this disease will mutate into an American influenza, eventually destroying the infected and injecting a natural immunity into the remaining community of non-believers, those who chose the Constitution of love, peace, acceptance and understanding.

via Daily Prompt: Incubate

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Post Trump

Assange and Emails More here

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