Another Day

A day full of tiredness but did some work on the W5GI antenna. A very short nap. Got in some good SWLing. 

Hanging with Family

Was thankful to hang with family, Leslie, her boyfriend Jason and Leslie’s daughter, Taya; I affectionately call her Flathead. Weed, Leslie’s nickname, and I hunted for a few Pokemon. After that I helped Weed start her college application. Exciting times. 

The pain became overwhelming later in the day but that is my life. 

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to my daughter Weed, aka Leslie Hollingswoth. 

Baby Weed

Tomorrow my baby Weed turns 38. I love her so. She’s about the neatest, most beautiful person I know. 


Why do I not come here more often?

Engaging India

I have begun an online course, Engaging India, through the Australian National University. Looks to be quite interesting. Here’s the main link to edX online: https://www.edx.org/

Upward Skies


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